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Center for Women in Government & Civil Society Records


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The Center for Women in Government & Civil Society (CWGCS) was established in 1978 to elimination of sex discrimination in New York State government employment. The Center part of the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy and receives both public and private funding.


State University of New York at Albany. Center for Women in Government
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22 cubic ft. (about 22 boxes)

The Center for Women in Government & Civic Society (CWG) was established in 1978 to elimination of sex discrimination in New York State government employment. This mission is addressed through research to identify and develop methods to remove structural barriers to advancement; training of women and their organizations on leadership, management, and career planning; networking. [CWG Bylaws, 1983, p.1] The Center functioned as part of the Comparative Studies Center, subsequently the Institute for Government and Policy Studies (1981-86) of the Graduate School of Public Affairs, Rockefeller College, State University of New York at Albany. In 1987 the Center became an independent unit of the Graduate School of Public Affairs. The Center receives both public and private funding with its financial management performed by SUNYA and the Research Foundation. [CWG Bylaws, 1983, p.1]

The Center was co-founded by Nancy Perlman, who served as director until 1986, and Linda Tarr-Whelan, administrative director of the New York State Department of Labor Tarr-Whelan served as President of the Center's Board of Directors until the fall of 1979.

The CWG was initially governed by the Executive - Ad Hoc Advisory Committee whose members served on and chose the remaining members of the permanent Board of Directors. [CWG Draft Interim Bylaws, p.1] The CWG is governed by a 25 member Board of Directors made up of individuals or representatives of organizations interested and involved in the elimination of sex discrimination in the public sector. The Board meets four times annually or at the request of one-half of the Board or two-thirds of the Executive Committee. The Board is responsible for setting overall Center policy, financial planning, and staffing. The Executive Committee is comprised of the Board President, Secretary and five Board members. It too meets four times a year or at the request of one-half the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee has the power to make decisions of the Board when necessary subject to ratification by the Board. Nominations of new members to the Board of Directors are made by the Executive Committee. [CWG Bylaws, 1983] The day to day operations of the CWG are controlled by the Executive Director, formerly the Director, of the CWG.

The CWG extended its work to include programs within New York City in 1980 and offers technical assistance to groups and organizations within the state. The Center also contracts outside the State of New York to conduct studies on barriers to the advancement of women. [The Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy Bulletin, p. 45]

The records of the Center for Women in Government include agendas and minutes, quarterly reports, publications, correspondence, memoranda, and project proposals relating to the mission of the CWG to "identify and remove the barriers to equal employment opportunities for women." These records date from 1976 just prior to the Center's establishment through 1988.

The records of the CWG are divided into five series: Board of Directors (Governance), 1977-1983; Board President Records, 1976-79; Correspondence, Dec. 1977, 1978-86; Executive Director's Subject Files, 1976-87; and Publications, 1979-88. The Board of Director series was divided into four subseries: Board Members, 1977-83; Board of Directors Meeting Reports, 1977-83; Executive Committee, 1978-81; and Board Correspondence, 1978-86. These records were created and maintained by the Administrative Office of the CWG for Center and Board operations. The Board President Records are the records retained by the CWG of the first Board President and co-founder Linda Tarr-Whelan. They contain material predating the Center's establishment. The Correspondence series contain the day files of the CWG arranged chronologically by year, month and day. These day files were kept because there are no correspondence files New Director of the Center for Women in Government for the period 1977-1986. The records of the Director were interfiled with general correspondence of the Center. The general correspondence (day files) are the primary source of administrative information for that period. The Publications series includes all publications of the CWG printed by contract and in-house.

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Contents of Collection

Quantity: 1 cubic ft. (about 1 boxes)

This series is unprocessed and is likely disorganized. Individual items may be difficult to find.

This series consists of records of the Board of Directors relating to the governing of the CWG and is arranged in four subseries: Board Members, Executive Committee, Board of Directors Meeting Reports, and Board Correspondence. These records were created and maintained by the Administrative Office of the CWG for Center and Board operations.

Quantity: 0.35 cubic ft. (about 0.35 boxes)

Arranged alphabetically and chronologically.

This subseries consists primarily of letters of election and acceptance to the members of the Board of Directors of CWG. More substantive correspondence and some newsclippings on topics such as the establishment of the CWG, CWG training programs, workshops and research issues on comparable worth, career mobility and career ladders in State Government, discrimination, and Day Care Centers for State employees can be found in the following Board Member files: Karen Burnstein, Frances Berko, William McGowan, Robert E. Quinn, Delores Schmidt, Aldo Baaklini, Linda Tarr-Whelan, Pamela Tate and Anne Nelson. These files contain both correspondence to and from these Board members.

Quantity: 0.175 cubic ft. (about 0.175 boxes)

Semi-chronological arrangement.

This subseries consists of correspondence, agendas, and minutes of the Executive Committee of the CWG Board of Directors. The major topics included are bylaws, nominations to the Board, funding, the CWG New York City project (1980-81), and pay equity study (1979-81), and training programs.

Quantity: 0.35 cubic ft. (about 0.35 boxes)

Arranged chronologically

This subseries consists of quarterly reports of the Board of Directors which include agendas and minutes, the Director's Report to the BD, and the Financial Report. Some contain bylaws, but no financial report. Minutes are those of the previous meeting. Missing are the reports for March, 1979 and September, 1983. Topics covered in these reports include comparable worth/pay equity (1979-83), career mobility (1979-83), sexual harassment (1980-83), affirmative action, office technology, race and sex discrimination, and; CWG staffing, training programs, public education/networking and fund raising. This subseries also includes Board Lists for 1980, 1981 and 1982.

Quantity: 0.175 cubic ft. (about 0.175 boxes)

This subseries consists of correspondence - letters and memoranda sent to the members of the Board. Topics covered include changes in the CWG Board, BM conflicts of interest, CWG mission, nominations/elections to the Board, grants and donations, and issues such as career ladders, pay equity, rape legislation, and NYC Advisor Program. This subseries also includes the records of the Executive - Ad Hoc Advisory Committee consisting of memoranda and letters on funding and the establishment of the CWG and lists of members of the Committee and Board.

Quantity: 0.25 cubic ft. (about 0.25 boxes)

This series is unprocessed and is likely disorganized. Individual items may be difficult to find.

This series contains the retained records of the first President of the Board of Directors and co-founder of the CWG, Linda Tarr-Whelan and consists of correspondence (letters and memoranda's for 1977-6/79), agendas, proposal notes, photocopies of news clippings, Board and other reports. Topics 'included are sex discrimination in public employment, career mobility, and establishment of the CWG, affirmative action, funding and career planning. Some of the information contained in these files predate the founding of the CWG in 1978.

Quantity: 3.5 cubic ft. (about 3.5 boxes)

Arranged chronologically.

Contains 1979-83 day files preceded by general incoming and outgoing correspondence files. This series consists of the central day files of the CWG. It includes letters, form letters, memoranda, project proposals, and project updates. Topics covered in this series includes career ladders, career mobility (1979-85), sex discrimination and discrimination of the handicapped, women and minority advancement, comparable worth/pay equity 1979-86), child care, and sexual harassment (1979-83), as well as Center training programs, and funding.

Quantity: 1 cubic ft. (about 1 boxes)

The series includes documents relating to the creation of the center, by-laws, Board of Director notices, minutes and agendas, and the Director's report to the Board. Also included are the Executive Committee agenda minutes and notices, budgets, financial records, fellowship programs, conferences held and activity summaries. Also included are proposals for reports, studies, and programs; bibliographies, brochures from Center programs, a news release file and news articles relating to the Center.



1 1Bibliographies1978-1987


1 2Board of Directors notices, meetings and minutes1978-1979


1 3Board of Directors minutes and reports1978-1985


1 4Board of Directors minutes and reports1978-1979


1 5Brochures1977-1987


1 6Budget and Finance1978-1980


1 7By-Laws1976


1 8Career Planning handbook news coverage1979-1981


1 9Conferences held1983


1 10Director's report to the board1978-1982


1 11Executive Committee minutes and agenda1982-1985


1 12Fellowships1983-1987


1 13Goals and priorities1978-1979


1 14History1978, 1988


1 15Memos and notices1980-1984


1 16News articles1980-1984


1 17News releases1980-1981


1 18News on Women in Government1982-1987


1 19Program-Managerial Access Project1982


1 20Program-Preparing for a Change1985


1 21Program-Managing a Changing Workforce1982


1 22Program-Underdeveloped Women Working for New York State Government1980


1 23Proposal-Comparable Worth1982


1 24Proposal-Continuing Education in State Government1978


1 25Proposal for Establishing a New York City Program for Women in State Government1979


1 26Proposal-Women as Managers1979


1 27Proposal for Center1976


1 28Publication lists1976-1987


1 29Publications1979-1987


1 30Speeches/Transcripts1976


1 31Summary of activities1985

This series includes the working papers and reports published by the CWG.

This series includes published and unpublished reports used in seminars and self-help programs. The reports cover such problems as discrimination, pay equity, understanding affirmative action, bridge jobs in New York State government and hiring policies in New York City.



1 1The New York State Pay Equity Study: A Research Report1986


1 2Alternative Routes for Managerial Promotion in New York State: A Research Report1984


1 3Occupational Segregation and Its Impact on working Women: Report of a Conference (Sponsored by the Ford Foundation)1982


1 4Hiring Policies in the New York City Uniformed Services1986


1 5The Effects of Personnel Practices on Female Employees on the NYS Unified Court System1986


1 6Ergonomics: The Changing Office1987


1 7Managerial Access Project1985


2 1Alternative Routes of Promotion, 19811981


2 2Alternative Routes for Managerial Promotion in New York State: An Analysis of Their Differential Use on the Basis of Sex and Minority Status1984


2 3Bridge Jobs in New York State Government1978


2 4Improving the Status of Women and Minorities1986


2 5Office Automation; A Survey of Government Employees1987


2 6Understanding and Utilizing Affirmative Action: A program for Managers and Supervisors1985

Working papers are developed to support a specific area of concern and are then used in seminars and special forum programs by which the center can help educate women. They report on admission of women in medical school, comparable worth, pay equity and sex-segregated career ladders.



1 1Sex-Segregated Career Ladders in New York State Government Employment: A structural Analysis of Inequality in Employment1979


1 2Summary of Working Papers #11979


1 3Preliminary Memorandum on pay Equity1980


1 4Women, Unions and Equal Employment Opportunity1981


1 5The Employment Effects of Comparable Worth Policy for Women1982


1 6Labor Market Inequality and Equal Employment Policy for Women: Across National Comparison1979


1 7Statistics on Women and Minorities in Public Employment1983


1 8Summary of Working Papers #61984


1 9Managerial Promotions in the Public Sector: The Impact of Eligibility Requirements on Women and Minorities1982


1 10The Admission of Women and Minorities to Medical School1982


1 11Hard Truths for Strategic Change; Dilemmas for Implementing Affirmative Action1982


1 12Testimony of the Center for Women in Government before the United States House of Representatives1982


1 13A Want of Harmony; Perspectives on Wage Discrimination and Comparable Worth1983


1 14New Directions of Equal Employment Policy; Training Women for Non-Traditional Occupations1984


1 15Comparable Worth and Wage Discrimination1984


1 16Equitable Compensation; Methodological Criteria for Comparable Worth1985


1 17Minorities and Pay Equity in New York State Government Employment1986

Curricula are used as a teaching tool in seminars and training sessions.



1 1Ergonomics; The Changing Office1987


1 2Next Step1979-1980


1 3Sexual Harassment: Preventive Intervention for New York State1980

These guidebooks are used to help women deal with workplace problems and changes in the problem areas.



1 1Preventing Sexual Harassment1980


1 2Sexual Harassment; Landmark Cases1981


1 3Managing Sexual Harassment Problems1981


1 4Non-Traditional Jobs for Women1984


1 5Women in Uniform Services1985

The Institute is held across the state to educate women in areas of concern such as comparable worth and discrimination.



1 1Institute program papers1985


1 2Comparable Worth Project1985


1 3Discrimination1985


1 4Participants of Executive Development Institute1985
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