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Department of Sociology Records


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The Department of Sociology was created in 1966 as UAlbany evolved into a large public research university.


State University of New York at Albany. Department of Sociology
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The current Department of Sociology was created in 1966 as a joint department with Anthropology called the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. The department was part of the Division of Social Sciences.[1] The first identifiable Sociology course, titled "The Evolution of Social Science," was offered at the then New York State Normal College in 1904. Though no departmenal structure existed at the school until 1909, the course, taught by Professor Groat, was listed with the History and Polticial Science course offerings. The Annual Circular describes the course as the study of "practical social probelms and their effect upon the formulation of the science of sociology."[2] In 1907 a Sociology course, now called "Principles of Sociology" was listed with the Economics courses.

As part of a series of changes initiated in 1905 when the Normal College became a four year liberal arts college with a special mission to train teachers, the College adopted a traditional departmental structure in 1909. Among the newly created departments was the Department of Government and Economics, headed by Adam A. Walker. The joint department offered courses in Sociology.[3] In 1914 Economics and Government became separate departmsnts. The Department of Economics, headed by Professor Walker, offered a two semester course titled "Principles of Sociology" and "Problems in Sociology."[4]

Sociology courses continued to be taught in the Department of Economics until 1934 when that deparment was renamed the Department of Economics and Sociology. No longer would the index state, Sociology: See Economics.[5] In 1937 this joint department became part of the Social Studies division, still headed by Adam A. Walker.[6] In the 1953 General Catalogue Sociology was listed independently as a program in the Social Studies department headed by Joseph T. Phinney. A much broader range of courses were now being offered.[7] Sociology contineud to be taught within the Social Studies Department until 1964,[8] when that department was enlarged and renamed the Division of Social Sciences headed by Kendall A. Birr. That same year the Undergradate Bulletin, for the first time, stated that students in the General Program, but not in the Teacher Education Program, could major in Sociology and receive a Bachelor of Arts.[9]

In 1966 the joint Department of Sociology and Anthropology was created chaired by Paul F. Wheeler. The department offered the student body 28 Sociology courses.[10] In 1969 the department reported to the new Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences.[11] 1970 saw the joint department split into independent departments of Sociology and Anthropology.[12] That same year the Undergraduate Bulletin stated that a student must take three credits of Sociology or Anthropology in order to meet the requirements for certification as a Social Studies teacher.[13]

Master of Arts were first offered by the Department of Sociology in 1966,[14] while a Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology was first offered in 1970. The purpose of this Ph.D program was to "prepare qualified students for careers in teaching and research in colleges and universities."[15] The degree and course offerings of the department remain substantially the same to this day.[16]

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Department Chairs
1966-1968Paul F. Wheeler
1968-1973Paul Meadows
1973-1976Raymond Forer
1976-1980Ronald Farrell
1980-1982Nan Lin
1982-1986Richard Hall
1986-1988Allen Liska
1988-1991John Logan
1991-1992Richard Alba
1992-1995Marvin Krohn
1995-1997Richard Alba
1997-2000Glenna Spitze
2000-2003Steven Messner
2003-unknownRussell Ward

The records of the Department of Sociology include reports, 1971–1977, proposals for 1977, and budgets.

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