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New York Republican State Committee Records


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The New York Republican State Committee (NYRSC) is a representational legislative branch for the New York Republican Party which nominates Republican candidates for state and federal positions.


Republican Party (N.Y.). State Committee
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5.39 cubic ft. (about 5.39 boxes)  22 reels of film, and 122 bound volumes

The New York Republican State Committee (NYRSC) is the legislative branch for the New York Republican Party. Acting as an oversight committee for all of the county committees in the state of New York, the State Committee nominates Republican candidates for state and federal positions. The NYRSC consists of a group of elected officials including at least one delegate from each assembly district. The State Committee has two parts: the main body and an executive committee that acts as the ruling body within the NYRSC. During times when the NYRSC is not in session, the executive board acts in its place [New York Republican State Committee. Rulebook for the Republican State Committee of New York State (New York: New York Republican State Committee, June 13, 1978)]. The chair of the NYRSC presides over the full committee while a separate chair presides over the executive committee. This group sends two delegates to the Republican National Convention, along with three delegates and three alternate delegates from each Congressional District and six at large delegates.

The official date set for the founding of the NYRSC is 1855, one year after the founding of the Republican Party in the United States. William Seward and Thurlow Weed are credited with the creation of the state party. In the beginning, the NYRSC met infrequently. Besides the occasional meeting during campaign time, the only mandatory meeting for the NYRSC was every three years to make arrangements for the National Convention. The Committee also did not have a written code of rules [Booraem, Hendrik V. The Formation of the Republican Party in New York: Politics and Conscience in the Antebellum North (New York University Press: New York, 1983)]. Currently, the NYRSC is required to meet following every election.

Until 1911, with the passage of the Direct Primary Law, the State of New York nominated candidates through a primary or caucus system. In the primary system, the Republican Party candidate for state and federal offices was chosen by a select few. The party voters, or those designated as official electors for each election district met several months before the primary and selected candidates for local offices and delegates to the county, assembly, senatorial and congressional district conventions. The county chairs then nominated candidates for county offices and delegates for the state committee. The average voter had little input in the choice of candidate for the various state and federal offices [Ray, P. Orman. An Introduction to Political Parties and Practical Politics (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1913.), 94].

Referred to as "machine-controlled" or "boss-controlled" politics, this system of nominating candidates for state and federal offices was considered a corrupt practice that left the majority of the voting populous of the Republican Party out of the process of nominating candidates. The electors tended to be selected from the highest officials in the Republican Party. In 1909, Governor Charles E. Hughes brought this issue to the statewide level. He believed that allowing the power to nominate candidates to rest on the shoulders of party leaders tempted them to manipulate the "party machinery" for their own gain [Feldman, "The Direct Primary in New York State", The American Political Science Review 11, Issue 3 (August 1917), 494]. The State Convention of New York had essentially become a ratifying body to support the whims of the party bosses. The current system, established in 1911 with the passage of the Direct Primary Law, allows for more input from the entire voting populous present at the primary. The party voters are allowed to choose unofficial party candidates but the rest of the NYRSC is allowed to petition this decision by writing in another candidate who can then be voted on.

In 1894, a clause in the New York State Constitution established the legislative districts in both houses of the state legislature. Fearing that the influx of immigrants would tip the balance of Democratic voters in the demographically larger New York City, the NYRSC reapportioned the voting districts in Upstate New York in such a manner that allowed more votes to be cast per voting district. This clause also stated that every county, except for Hamilton and Fulton, must have at least one member in the assembly and that no two counties divided by a river (New York, Manhattan, and Kings) could hold one-half of the seats in the State Senate [Colby, Peter W. "New York State Today", New York State Today (State University at Albany Press: Albany, 1985]. This clause had a major effect on the political landscape of New York until the U.S. Supreme Court repealed it in the 1970s with the one-person one vote decision.

In 1974, the long standing uneven distribution of voting districts that gave Republican Upstate New York an edge over Democrat controlled New York City came to an end. The United States Supreme Court ruled that the clause creating the top-heavy Upstate New York voting districts was unconstitutional. This ruling caused a massive reapportioning of the voting districts of New York. This had a profound effect on New York State politics. The Republican Party in New York lost its formidable hold on the state legislature. Most of the NYRSC's limited money went to the unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign of Malcolm Wilson in 1974. This loss ushered in a 20-year period during which the Democratic Party dominated the governor's office and the state legislature.

Past chairs of the New York Republican State Committee [Kestenbaum, Lawrence. New York Republican Party Offices [on-line index] (Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2001) 30 July 2002] include:

Edwin Morgan, 1856-1858

James Kelly, 1858-1860

Simeon Draper, 1860-1862

Henry R. Low, 1862-1863

Charles Jones, 1863-1865

William R. Stewart, 1865-1866

Hamilton Harris, 1866-1870

Alonzo B. Cornell, 1875-1877

John F. Smyth, 1877-1878

Alonzo B. Cornell, 1878-1879

Chester A. Arthur, 1879-1881

B. Platt Carpenter, 1881-1882

John F. Smyth, 1882-1883

Chester S. Cole, 1885-1887

Cornelius Newton Bliss, 1887-1889

John N. Knapp, 1889-1891

William Brookfield, 1891-1894

Charles W. Hackett, 1894-1898

Benjamin B. Odell, 1898-1900

George W. Dunn, 1900-1904

Benjamin B. Odell, Jr., 1904-1906

Timothy L. Woodruff, 1906-1910

Ezra P. Prentice, 1910-1911

William Barnes Jr., 1911-1914

Fredrick C. Tanner, 1914-1917

George A. Glyn, 1917-1922

George K. Morris, 1922-1928

Edmund Machold, 1928-1929

William J. Meier, 1929-1930

W. Kingsland Macy, 1930-1934

Melvin C. Eaton, 1934-1936

William S. Murray, 1936-1940

Edwin F. Jaekle, 1940-1945

Glen R. Bedenkapp, 1945-1949

William L. Pfeiffer, 1949-1953

Dean P. Taylor, 1953-1954

Judson Morhouse, 1954-1963

Fred Young, 1963-1973

Charles T. Lanigan, 1973-1976

Richard Rosenbaum, 1976-1978

Bernard Kilbourne, 1978-

Sandy Treadwell, 2001-2004

Stephen J. Minarik III, 2004-

The records of the New York Republican State Committee document the activities of this organization and its role as the coordinator of state and federal Republican elections in New York from 1888-1994. This record group contains meeting agendas and minutes, political literature, speeches, correspondence, photographs, political films, membership lists, and delegate information for state and national Republican conventions. In addition to the NYRSC's records, this collection also includes their reference collection consisting of several volumes that contain the names and addresses of officers in the state and federal legislature, the New York State constitution, and other volumes.

A great deal of the material was found in binders or folders arranged chronologically, so the original order has been maintained for the most part. Materials arranged under the Speeches and Correspondence Series did not fit in with a particular meeting found within the Conventions and Committee Meetings Series, so rather than interrupt the natural order of the series by interspersing items that were not originally grouped with them, it seemed more logical to put them into their own series. This series makes up the bulk of the NYRSC's records. It includes an almost uninterrupted run of minutes and agendas from 1911-1994.

Some items in the collection can be found in both bound and unbound versions. This is the case for the minutes of the New York Republican State Committee, Republican National Committee (RNC), and the Republican Organization. The minutes of the NYRSC and RNC can be found unbound covering the years from 1911 to 1994 in Series 1 and in bound versions covering the years from 1906-1928 and from 1930-1934 in oversized boxes. The New York Republican Organization can be found unbound covering the years 1908 to 1949 in Series 2 and unbound covering the years from 1908 to 1936 shelved with Series 8.

The collection is organized as follows:

Related Materials

Related collections in the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives include the papers of Eunice Baird Whittlesey (APAP-145) and Tanya Melich (APAP-079). Consult the subject guides for the New York State Modern Political Archive and Public Servants and Politicians for a complete list of related collections.

All items in this manuscript group were donated to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by the New York Republican State Committee in July 2001.

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Contents of Collection

Quantity: 2.8 cubic ft. (about 2.8 boxes)

Series 1 includes the proceedings from New York State Republican Committee meetings. One of its most useful features is the quantity of information about legislation passed and the voting statistics for counties. These would be useful for those writing political histories; one could follow trends in voting patterns to determine how the composition of counties has changed and what issues have become more important than others. Another useful element one can find in this series is the differences of voting trends in times of war and depression. The minutes also give insight into the various personalities of those involved in state politics. The minutes are also good sources of quotations for particular committee members' stands on legislation. Many of the minutes include the current party platform, allowing one to determine how the goals of the party have changed over time. An in-depth picture of the New York Republican State Committee is available through the minutes.

The series includes more than just the minutes taken at meetings. One also finds the original letters sent out to the various members of the NYRSC, RNC, and the county chairs. This series also contains correspondence that directly relates to specific meetings or conventions of the NYRSC and the RNC. At times one finds opinions that would not be voiced in a general meeting, so these pieces of correspondence are a good way to measure the actual tenor of the State Committee at a given time.

The series also includes the binders used by the members of the Committee for Arrangements for the 1984 and 1988 National Republican Conventions. The binders are the first drafts supplied to delegates to the Convention. They include information on accommodations, the city in which the convention is going to take place, news and media coverage surrounding the convention, security measures to be put in place at the convention, and transportation information. These also include the minutes from the planning meetings held by the National Republican Committee before the conventions occurred.

Arranged chronologically.



1 1New York State Republican Convention, Minutes1911


1 1New York State Republican Convention, Call to Meeting and Minutes1920


1 2NYRSC, Minutes1929


1 3NYRSC, Call to Meeting and Minutes1930


1 4NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1931-1932


1 5NYRSC, Call to Meeting and Minutes1933-1934


1 6NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1935


1 7Committee of Finance of Republican State Committee, Minutes1935


1 7Campaign Committee of Executive Committee, Minutes1935


1 8NYRSC and Executive Committee, Minutes1936


1 9NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1937


1 9Letter of Resignation of Charles D. Hilles from Republican National Committee1937 September 20


1 10NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1938


1 11New York State Republican Convention, First Day, Call to Meeting, Minutes and Related Materials1938


1 12New York State Republican Convention, Second Day, Minutes and Related Materials1938


1 13New York State Republican Convention, Tally of Votes, Notification Nomination and Acceptance Speech of Oswald D. Heck, Candidate for Governor of New York1938


1 14NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1939


1 15NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1940


1 16Republican National Convention, Delegates and Alternates, Minutes1940


2 1NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1940


2 2New York State Republican Convention, Call to Meeting, Minutes and Roll1940


2 3NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1941-1942


2 4New York State Republican Convention, Speeches1942


2 5New York State Republican Convention, Minutes1942


2 6NYRSC and Executive Committee, Minutes, Call to Meeting and Minutes1943


2 7NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1944


2 8NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1945-1946


2 9New York State Republican Convention, Speeches1946


2 10New York State Republican Convention, Nominating Speeches1946


2 11NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1948-1949


2 12NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1950


3 1NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1951


3 2NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1952


3 3NYRSC, Republican National Convention, Delegates and Alternates, Agenda1952


3 4NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1952-1953


3 5NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1954


3 6NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1955


3 7NYRSC, County Chairs Meeting, Remarks by Nelson Rockefeller and Richard Rosenbaum1972-1973


3 8NYRSC, Republican National Convention, Housing Information1976


3 9NYRSC, Republican National Convention, Delegates and Alternates1976


3 10NYRSC, Delegation Votes for President1976


3 11NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1976


3 12NYRSC, Nomination of Candidate for U.S. Senate1976


3 13NYRSC, Annual Dinner and Meeting1976, 1980


3 14NYRSC, Republican Electors, Nominations1976


4 1NYRSC, Republican and Conservative Party Electors, Correspondence1976


4 2Republican National Committee, Executive Committee1976


4 3-5NYRSC, Designating Committee, Minutes1978


4 6NYRSC and Executive Committee, Call to Meeting and Minutes1979-1980


4 7NYRSC, Republican National Convention, Delegates and Alternates, Minutes1980


4 8NYRSC, Nomination of Candidate for U.S. Senate1980


4 9NYRSC, Designating Committee, Minutes1980


4 10Republican National Committee, Arrangements Committee1982, 1984, 1987-1988


4 11Republican National Committee, Minutes and Speeches1994


Proceedings of the Republican National Convention1988, 1992
Quantity: 1.23 cubic ft. (about 1.23 boxes)

Arranged chronologically.

The bulk of this sub-series contains the phone and address lists for the members of the NYRSC and its executive committee, yet there are also a few lists of delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention. These lists were handed out during meetings so that the members of these groups could remain in contact.



5 1NYRSC and NYRSC Committee on Permanent Organization, Committee on Rules and Resolutions, and County Delegates and Alternates1896-1898, 1900, 1908, 1911-1912, 1938


5 2NYRSC1952


5 3NYRSC County Chairs and Vice Chairs1954, 1976


5 4NYRSC and Executive Committee1976, 1978, 1980

The Republican Organization of the State of New York gives lists of delegates and alternates to the State and National Committees. The Republican Organization of the State of New York is a quick reference guide that indicates the names of county chairs, the vote tallies for state and federal elections by county and the major resolutions passed by the State and National Committees each year. These would be excellent guides for anyone needing to find the name of an officer or the margin of votes by which an officer was elected. One could find similar uses for these sources of information as with the rolls of the State and National Committees.



5 5 Republican Organization of the State of New York 1908, 1912, 1915-1918, 1922-1928


5 6 Republican Organization of the State of New York 1929, 1931, 1935-1942


5 7 Republican Organization of the State of New York 1941-1944


5 8 Republican Organization of the State of New York 1943-1947


5 9 Republican Organization of the State of New York 1946-1949


Republican Organization of the State of New York1908-1936

These booklets provide a quick reference guide for the legislature of the State of New York. Listed in these booklets are the members of the state legislature and a list of the members of the standing committees of the senate. These lists give the dates of service, addresses, district served, and committees on which each member sat.



6 1 The Legislature of the State of New York: Members, Officers and Standing Committees 1934-1945, 1954, 1959, 1963

The Roll Books of the Delegates and Alternates to the National Republican Conventions act as quick reference guides for finding out who attended each convention. These booklets list the delegates and alternates along with their districts and addresses. They also give a list of the number of delegates sent by each state, a list of the Republican National Convention delegates since the founding of the Republican Party in 1856, a list of the contemporary Republican National Committee, a tally of the electoral vote by state, a list of locations for the National Convention and the candidate elected during that convention. They lend themselves to demographic studies focusing on the ratio of women delegates to male delegates that have served at the National Convention. An especially interesting study would be to compare the information found within the State rolls to the roles of the Republican National Convention.



6 2State of New York Delegates and Alternate to the Republican National Convention1896, 1900, 1908, 1912


6 3State of New York Delegates and Alternate to the Republican National Convention1912, 1916, 1920


6 4State of New York Delegates and Alternate to the Republican National Convention1920, 1924


6 5State of New York Delegates and Alternate to the Republican National Convention1928, 1932


7 1State of New York Delegates and Alternate to the Republican National Convention1936, 1940


7 2State of New York Delegates and Alternate to the Republican National Convention1944, 1948


7 3State of New York Delegates and Alternate to the Republican National Convention1952, 1956, 1960, 1964, 1976


7 4Temporary Roll of Delegates and Alternates to the Republican National Convention1984

The Roll Books of the Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the Republican State Committee of New York give the names of those who served on the Committee. A handy reference guide, these pocket-sized brochures list the NYRSC chairs, chairs of the executive committee, the secretary, treasurer, and chief clerk and the full New York Republican State Committee. The Roll Books of the Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the Republican State Convention list the delegates from each district in each county of New York that served as delegates and alternates to the Convention.



7 5Roll of Delegates and Alternates to the New York Republican State Convention1921-1922, 1924, 1926-1928


7 6Roll of Delegates and Alternates to the New York Republican State Convention1930, 1932, 1934, 1936, 1938


8 1Roll of Delegates and Alternates to the New York Republican State Convention1940, 1942, 1946, 1954, 1958


8 2Roll of Delegates and Alternates to the New York Republican State Convention1962, 1966
Quantity: 0.23 cubic ft. (about 0.23 boxes)

Arranged chronologically.

The dinner programs from various Republican events include programs from the 15th District Republican Club Dinners, the Ivy Club Dinners and other Republican events. The pictures contained in these programs would be valuable, as it would allow one to put faces to many names that would remain faceless otherwise. One can also find the names of the Republican Club's officers.



8 3Republican Club Dinner, 15th Assembly District Program1923, 1930-1932


8 4Republican Club Dinner, 15th Assembly District Program1934-1937


8 5Republican Club Dinner, 15th Assembly District Program1938-1941


8 6Republican Club Dinner15th Activities Digest, Report on 40th Annual Ball1942


8 7Republican Association of Rural Counties, Seating Charts and Program1939-1940


8 8Women's National Republican Club, 20th Annual Luncheon, Seating List and Program1941


8 9Ivy Republican Club, Program1940

This sub-series includes pamphlets, newsletters, and a phonograph record that were given to prospective Republican voters. One finds campaign pamphlets from 1938 and 1944. The 1938 pamphlet is called "Don't Say We Didn't Warn You!" It paints the chair of the Republican County Committee Kenneth Simpson as a reluctant hero who was responsible for bringing morality back to New York after the Democratic Tammany Hall scandals. The 1944 pamphlet is a biography of Sidney Hillman who was the chair of the Political Action Committee and leader of the American Labor Party.

Also included are newsletters called "Public Affairs" and published by the Committee on Public Affairs for the Republican Party of Monroe County. These cover September 13 through October 29, 1941, the time period from the primary election, where a Republican candidate is nominated, to the general election. The scope of these newsletters is confined to Monroe County. These newsletters provide the committee members of Monroe County with important information about upcoming Republican events, voter information and information about the candidate. These newsletters are meant as guides to ensure that each committee member is knowledgeable about the process of nominating a candidate and how to spread the Republican ideology to the people of Monroe County. This series also includes a campaign phonograph record for Nelson Rockefeller from the 1960s entitled "Nelson Rockefeller Talks with YOU".



8 10Don't Say We Didn't Warn You, Committee for Republican Unity in New York1940


8 10A Biographical Sketch of Sidney Hillman, Henry J. Taylor1944


8 11Rockefeller Talks with YOU, Phonographic Recordca. 1960-1969


8 12Committee on Public Affairs, Monroe County, Newsletter1941


8 13National Republican Convention, Political Button "Even More in 94", Form1994
Quantity: 0.08 cubic ft. (about 0.08 boxes)

This series includes the rulebooks and manuals used by the NYRSC to regulate committee meetings and conventions. The Political Calendar of the Republican Party of New York are included in this series because they provide dates for filing primary petitions, conventions, registration for large and small cities and towns, and what color forms must be used to record these actions. The Political Calendar also supplies the percentage of votes one needs to nominate a candidate for a primary. These span from 1939 through 1963. The collection also includes the rulebooks for state and national conventions. These supply the delegate with the proper decorum for conduct in a convention, explain the functions of each position in the committee, explain the processes of electing and removing officials, and give regulations as to when a meeting must be called. The collection only has the 1976 version of the National Convention Rulebook. The collection also has a training manual for women county vice-chairs of the Republican Party, complete with a series of pamphlets on the subject of learning how to become a community leader, how to manage speakers, special interest groups, and large events, and how to build the Republican Party in one's neighborhood.

Arranged chronologically.



9 1Political Calendar for New York1939-1948, 1953-1961, 1963


9 2Women's Division Campaign Handbook and Pamphlets1960


9 3NYRSC, Rules1972, 1978


9 3Republican National Convention, Rules1976, 1984
Quantity: 0.85 cubic ft. (about 0.85 boxes)

One of the functions of the Republican State Committee is to act as the provider of positive press on the various campaigns across the state. To achieve this, the NYRSC kept a file of photographs and biographical statements for the press. Although there is a picture of Henrietta Wells Livermore, founder of the Federal Women's Republican Club from 1919, the bulk of the collection is from the 1970s and 1980s. Most of the photographs are marked with the names of those pictured, but there are a few unidentified photos.

The collection includes photographs or biographies of Richard M. Nixon, George H. W. Bush, Henrietta Wells Livermore, Eunice B. Whittlesey, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Nelson A. Rockefeller, Robert Dole, Jacob K. Javits, Malcolm Wilson, and many others.

Arranged alphabetically.



9 4Abraham Lincoln, Biographical InformationUndated


9 5NYRSC Members, Identified, Photographs 1966, ca. 1970-1989
More Details

W. M. Anderson.

James H. Andre.

George F. Aney.

J. B. Bixby.

Anthony Colavita.

Richard Cosentino.

Rita Dimartino.

Kenneth Keeting.

Charles T. Lanigan.

Louis Lefkowitz.

Dorothy McHugh.

Robert Michael.

Judson Morhouse.

Anthony F. Shaheen.

Sam Singletar.

Freeman Smith.

B. John Tutuska.

Jane Westervelt.

Eunice B. Whittlesey.

Forest Wollaber, Jr.

Fred Young.


9 6NYRSC Members, Unidentified, Photographsca. 1970-1989


9 7Chief Justice of Appeals Candidates, Charles D. Breitel, Stanley Fuld, Sol Wachtler, Hugh R. Jones, Dominick L. Gabrielli, Photographs and Biographical InformationUndated


9 8Delegates and Alternate Delegates, Photographs and Biographical Information 1972, 1976
More Details

Richard M. Rosenbaum, Albany County.

Wells Stout, Allegany County.

Manny Gonzalez, Bronx County.

Gabrielle Gunther, Bronx County.

Warren Anderson, Broome County.

Doris L. Brooks, Broome County.

George Hinman, Broome County.

Esther D. Twentymen, Cortland County.

Cyrus Schoonmaker, Delaware County.

Phyllis Kelly, Erie County.

Tom McKinnon, Erie County.

Edward T. Cain, Gensee County.

Martha Zuris, Herkimer County.

Elizabeth Cassidy, Kings County.

Pascual Sanchez, MD, Kings County.

Carolyn T. Spiegel, Monroe County.

Joe Margiotta, Nassau County.

Len Hall, Nassau County.

Holly Patterson, Nassau County.

Vince Albano, New York County.

Joseph Gimma, New York County.

James Hellmuth, New York County.

Jack Javits, New York County.

Bernard Lasker, New York County.

Louis Lefkowitz, New York County.

Dorothy McHugh, New York County.

Janet Havel, Oneida County.

Shirley A. Jefferson, Onondaga County.

Hazel J. Field, Otsego County.

Melvin Klein, Queens County.

Philip J. Fitzpatrick, Richmond County.

Carmine Freda, Rockland County.

John Marchi, Richmond County.

Frank A. Augsbury, Jr., St. Lawrence County.

Betsy Kaplan, St. Lawrence County.

Eunice Whittlesey, Schenectady County.

Dorothy R. Edwards, Schoharie County.

Marguerite Getman, Schuyler County.

Perry Duryea, Suffolk County.

Brenda Baldwin Wallace, Tomkins County.

Albert Spada, Ulster County.

Marie Fontaine, Washington County.

George Berlinger, Westchester County.

Owen Peagler, Westchester County.

Betty Granger Reid, Westchester County.

Malcom Wilson, Westchester County.

James P. X. O'Rourke, Winchester County.

Muriel Butler, Wyoming County.


9 9Dole, Robert, Photograph and News Clippings1991


9 9George H. W. Bush, Photographs and Biographical Information1973


9 9Dwight D. Eisenhower, Photographca. 1958


9 10Renovations of Republican Headquarters in New York1991


9 10Charles A. Schillings House, PhotographUndated


9 11Rockefeller, Nelson A., Photographs1971


9 12State Conference in Syracuse, Contact Sheets1986


9 13Unidentified Event, Photographs ca. 1976
More Details

Some identified individuals include:

Senator Camerer.

Representative George Farrell.

Gordon Howe.

Charles T. Lanigan, Jr.

Mr. Schoneck (first name unknown).

Eunice B. Whittlesey.

Fred Young.


9 14Unidentified Event, PhotographsUndated


9 15Wilson, Malcolm, Photographs and Biographical Information1971-1974


Oversized 31George H. W. Bush, Oversized Photographca. 1991


Oversized 32Richard Nixon at the United Nations, Oversized PhotographUndated


Oversized 33Henrietta Wells Livermore, Oversized Photograph1919
Quantity: 0.2 cubic ft. (about 0.2 boxes)

This series includes miscellaneous speeches and other communications not immediately related to meetings found within the Conventions and Committees series. Other communications found in this series are Nelson Rockefeller's Addresses to the Legislature. Again, these did not occur during a specific meeting, but rather were sent to the various members of the legislature reporting on the progress of the Republican Party during the given year.

Arranged alphabetically.



10 1NYRSC Web Site, Welcome Message2001 July 19


10 2Platforms for the Democratic, Republican, and American Labor Parties1918, 1936, 1938, 1940


10 2Platforms for the Republican Party1942, 1946


10 3Rockefeller, Nelson, Message to the Legislature and Inaugural Address1968, 1970-1971


10 4Speeches, "Republicans Can Win Statewide Races" by Robert McMillan1990


10 4"The Electoral College" by William C. Kimberling1992
Quantity:  22 reels

The films in the collection document Republicans and the Republican Party from the 1950s through the 1970s. The films include portraits of Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller, former President Dwight Eisenhower, presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, and President Richard Nixon after his first year in the White House. Four of the films were from the Campaign School Series of the Republican National Committee used in the elections of 1956. The original films were formatted on 8mm and 16mm film. Use copies in VHS and DVD format are available for use in the Department for all of the films except "Portrait of a Senator", the sprocket holes of which were in too poor condition to allow the film to be reformatted at this time.

Arranged alphabetically.



Reel 1"Campaign Literature", A Campaign School Program 1956
More Details

B & W, use copies available in VHS and DVD, running time: 11:15

Examples of direct mail and hand-out campaign literature for Republican candidates from the School for Politics of the Republican National Committee.


Reel 2"Defenders of Our American Heritage: Political Party Volunteers", running time: 22:00 and "The Rockefeller Administration: A Record of Progress", running time: 12:50 ca. 1962
More Details

Color, use copies available in VHS and DVD, total running time: 34:35

Narrated by Lowell Thomas; American Heritage Foundation.


Reel 3"Fundraising", A Campaign School Program ca. 1956
More Details

B & W, use copies available in VHS and DVD, running time: 9:30


Reel 4"Meet Barry Goldwater" / "Goldwater Speaks Out" 1964
More Details

B & W, use copies available in VHS and DVD, running time: 17:15


Reel 5"New York State" ca. 1975
More Details

Color, use copies available in VHS and DVD, running time: 5:20

11th Annual School of Politics in New York State; same woman as Van Houten (?) film; remarks to young people attending the School of Politics in New York State.


Reel 6"Portrait of a Senator" Undated
More Details

Fragile, sprocket holes in poor condition and is not reformatted at present time.


Reel 7"Reaching the Non-Republican Voter", A Campaign School Program ca. 1956
More Details

B & W, __ mm., use copies available in VHS and DVD, running time: 9:28


Reel 8"Republican Basic Beliefs" 1962
More Details

B & W, use copies available in VHS and DVD, running time: 11:25


Reel 9"The Rockefeller Administration: A Record of Progress" 1962
More Details

B & W, 2 copies of original film, use copies available in VHS and DVD, running time: 12:50

Narrated by L. Judson Morehouse, New York Republican State Committee Chair. Highlights business, transportation, education, youth programs, and housing during the first years of the Rockefeller administration.


Reel 10"Rockefeller: The Man and His Record" ca. 1962
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B & W, 8 copies of original film, use copies available in VHS and DVD, running time: 14:35

Campaign film for Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller. Includes biographical sketch of Rockefeller and a review of his term in office. Paid for by the Citizens Committee for Rockefeller and Javitts.


Reel 11"Setting a New Course: The First Year of the Nixon Administration" 1970
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Color, 16mm, use copies available in VHS and DVD, running time: 38:30

Jonathan Donald Productions under the supervision of the Republican National Committee. Documents foreign adn domestic activities of President Richard Nixon from 1969 to 1970.


Reel 12"The Time is Now!" ca. 1966
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B & W, use copies available in VHS and DVD, running time: 22:30

Produced for the Republican National Finance Committee. Opens with audio only, no picture for just over a minute. Begins at Capitol in Washington, D.C. and includes footage of various members of Congress. Brief explanation of electoral process followed by further explanation of the two-party system and Republican platform. Featured Republicans include former President Dwight Eisenhower, Governor Nelson Rockefeller, Senator Barry Goldwater, former Vice-President Richard Nixon, Rep. Gerald Ford, various Republican Senators and members of the House.


Reel 13"Town Meeting with Governor Rockefeller" 1969 January
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Color, use copies available in VHS and DVD, running time: 29:00

Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller at town meetings in Elmira and Binghamton, NY.


Reel 14Unidentified/Van Houten ca. 1976
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Color, sound is distorted, use copies available in VHS and DVD, running time: 6:25

Chair of Women's Federation(?) of the Republican National Committee sending greetings to New York meeting.


Reel 15"Rural Voters", A Campaign School Program ca. 1956
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B & W, use copies available in VHS and DVD, running time: 11:10

Produced by the Republican National Committee. James P. Bigley, chair of Wisconsin Republican Party, discusses mobilizing rural voters.


Reel 16"A Time for Tribute" ca. 1962-1964
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B & W, use copies available in VHS and DVD, running time: 18:10

A tribute to former President Dwight Eisenhower written by James L. Shute and narrated by actor James Stewart. Stewart is featured with Eisenhower at the Eisenhower home in Gettysburg, PA. Includes a review of Eisenhower's early career, World War II, and his presidency.

Quantity:  122 volumes

This series contains the reference collection for the NYRSC. The titles in this series have been cataloged in the University at Albany Libraries catalog, but remain a part of the collection.

Arranged chronologically.



1:  Legislative Manuals of New York 1888-1983
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One of the major topics covered in these volumes are voting trends in New York counties. From this data, one can find out how many males and females registered to vote and how many voted for Democratic and Republican candidates in the state and federal elections. The


2:  New York Red Book 1948-1982
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3:  Industrial Directory of New York State 1949
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This book includes a listing of all of the industries found in New York in 1949. The directory lists the address, owners and board of trustees, and the main product of each business.


4:  Official Register of the United States 1952-1953
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5:  Congressional Directory 1953-1954, 1958-1960, 1963-1965, 1968, 1970-1971, 1983-1984
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Like the


6:  New York State Constitution 1942, 1952-1954, 1960
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This sub-series contains copies of the New York Constitution in printed form. They contain a subject list for the body of the constitution, the date articles of the constitution were amended and added, and a detailed index giving the article, section, and page where certain elements of the constitution can be found.