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Irina Kunina Aleksander Papers


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The collection consists of correspondence, photographs, and manuscripts which reflect Irina Aleksander's association with a number of literary notables such as Anas Nin, Miroslav Krlea, Marijan and Zora Matkovi, Lon Pierre-Quint, Claude Aveline, and Evgenii Zamiatin.


Aleksander, Irina
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1.25 cubic ft. (about 1.25 boxes)

Irina Aleksander, born in St. Petersburg, Russia (ne Irina Ephimovna Kunina), was the author of plays, film scenarios, poetry, novels and short stories, and childrens stories. She received her education in her native city and in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, where she studied law. She began writing at age seven, appeared in print at age sixteen, and participated in many literary movements in Russia. Works include her play, Pushkin; novels, Douglas Tweed; Only Facts, Sir; Bosnian Symphony; The Running Tide; and a collection of short stories, The Red Fez. Her husband, Bozidar, was a distinguished Zagreb lawyer and member of one of the richest between-the-wars Croatian families. The Aleksanders were associates of the intelligentsia. They travelled and lived in a number of countries including Russia, Yugoslavia, Germany, Poland, France, the United States, and Switzerland. They shared a wide range of intellectual interests including literature, the arts, philosophy and history.

The collection consists of correspondence, photographs, manuscripts, and miscellaneous materials which reflect the Aleksanders association with a number of literary notables such as Anas Nin, Miroslav Krlea, Marijan and Zora Matkovi, Lon Pierre-Quint, Claude Aveline, and Evgenii Zamiatin. The Zamiatin materials include a corrected Russian typescript of his novel, We, published in 1924; letters and postcards in Russian to Irina Aleksander, 192837; and typescripts of his stories, plays, film outlines, notes, and essays. Zamiatin left Russia to live and write in exile in France.

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All items in this manuscript group were purchased from Irina Aleksander by the University Libraries.1978

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Contents of Collection



1Blue 3-ring binder with 38 items of correspondence, two typed items, folder of clippings, two copies of the offprint, "Moskau Leningrad", one copy of an offprintUndated


1Typescript of "MH" (carbon) Undated

[142] leaves

[142] leaves


1Manuscript, Epitafii Undated

2 p.

2 p.


1Manuscript, Iz zapisei Tarkviniia Priska Undated

2 p.

2 p.


1Manuscript, Bich Bozhii Undated

75 p.

75 p.


1Manuscript, Bich Bozhii / 1-i variant Undated

11 p.

11 p.


1Manuscript, Le Fleau de Dieu : synopsis du film par Eug. Zamiatine [in French] Undated

9 p.

9 p.


1Manuscript, Atilla Undated

50 p.

50 p.


1Manuscript, Untitled. Text begins: Ikh bylo semnadtsat' : burgund, gerul, vestgot, kalendonets Undated

29 p.

29 p.

Apparently typewritten notes on Atilla, with a brief explanation of marginal notes from Irina Alexander


1Manuscript, Der Floh : ein Spiel in vier Akten, von Jewgenij Zamjatin [Expose, in German] Undated

7 p.

7 p.


1Manuscript, Rozhdenie Ivana : p'esa v 7-mi kartinakh [outline of acts] Undated

4 p.

4 p.


1Manuscript, Bog Undated

2 p.

2 p.


1Manuscript, Lev Undated

4 p.

4 p.


1Manuscript, Aprel' Undated

7 p.

7 p.


1Manuscript, Sovetskie deti Undated

3 p.

3 p.


1Manuscript, Lettres russes [in French] Undated

3 p.

3 p.


1Manuscript, Moskva-Peterburg Undated

9 p.

9 p.


1Manuscript, Anatol' Frans : nekrolog Undated

1 p.

1 p.


1Manuscript, O literature, revoliutsii i entropii Undated

6 p.

6 p.


1Manuscript, Rasskaz o samom glavnom Undated

25 p.

25 p.


2Notebook of photographs and miscellaneous items relating to Anas Nin and correspondence between Irina Aleksander-Kunina and Anas Nin 1943-1977
Includes a 29-page typescript with corrections entitled, Marginalia to Anas Nins Diaries by Irina Aleksander-Kunina


2Notebook containing correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous items related to Lon Pierre-Quint (pseudonym of Lopold Lon Steindecker), Jean-Pierre Selz (nephew of Steindecker), and Gina Lombroso-Ferrero 1938-1958
Includes a 10-page memorial to Lombroso, Crnica, by Mme. Aleksander


2Notebook of correspondence between Mme. Aleksander and Claude Aveline, also with Pierre Vorms1939-1968


2Notebook of correspondence with numerous friends such as Leo Gershoy, John Hersey, Howard Fast, William Shirer, John Scott, Maurice Sandoz, Peter Viereck, and Bernard Guerney1944-1978


2Notebook of correspondence with numerous friends such as Rastko Petrovi, Mitzi and Ervin inko, Vojin Jelic, Marijan and Zora Matkovic, and J. Prout1937-1968


2Notebook of correspondence, photographs and miscellaneous materials relating to Miroslav Krlea and Marko Ristic1938-1978


3Typescript of poems by Rikki JaipalUndated


3Folder of signed woodcutsUndated


3Record album Anas Nin, Let Me Read You My Own Stories as the Storytellers of OldUndated


3Record album in RussianUndated


3Portfolio poem Cook by Roy Fisher, with an original print by Ronald KingUndated


3Chart of Russian charactersUndated


3Naa Borba: 12 linorezov by Nikolaj Pirnat1944


3Domovi. Jece. Gozdovi. Na pragu svobode jeseni 1944


3Kroz Narodno-Oslobodilacku Borbu: 16 linoreza by Branka Kovacevica1944


3Branko Kovacevic. Exhibition catalog1971 March 22-April 30


3Iz Mape U: nedovrena mapa linoreza by Marijan Detoni1941-1942


3Mi Pamtimo: 16 listova iz mape by Vanja Radaus Undated
1 is missing


3Three Sisters Anton Chekhov. PosterUndated